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Kaito Credit Card Radio

* The same size as a credit card
* It weighs a fraction of what other survival radios weigh
* With full AM/FM tuning of 530 - 1710 KHz (AM) and 87 - 108 MHz (FM)

Sale price: $19.97

Retail price: [DEL: $19.97 :DEL]

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Survival Strike Pen Knife

Survival Strike Pen

* The Survival Strike Pen only weighs in 0.6 oz
* Both the pen and the knife will work in any condition
* This is as simple as it gets in high-stress situations

Sale price: $9.97

Retail price: [DEL: $27.97 :DEL]

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Door Stop Alarm

* Acts as door wedge preventing entry
* Loud siren when door pushes open
* Works on carpet or hard floors

Sale price: $19.97

Retail price: [DEL: $29.99 :DEL]

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Tesla Lighter

* This incredible Tesla lighter will be your new favorite fire
* This USB lighter contains a port at its base for easy charging
* The double arc lighter emits 300 sparks before needing to recharge!

Sale price: $49.97

Retail price: [DEL: $99.97 :DEL]

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TACT Bivvy

* Windproof/waterproof sleeping bag keeps you warm in any weather!
* Can be used by itself or as a sleeping bag liner
* Super lightweight bivvy comes in a convenient stuff sack

Sale price: $19.97

Retail price: [DEL: $24.97 :DEL]

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Emergency Pocket Stove

* This tiny pocket stove is perfect for bugging out or camping gear!
* Keep your lungs clear with its awesome smokeless fuel tablets
* Self-contained stove is so small it fits in your pocket!

Sale price: $14.97

Retail price: [DEL: $24.97 :DEL]

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POD-X1 Portable Jump Starter

* Prepare for disaster with this super compact jump starter
* Jump a car battery 20 times in one single charge!
* Contains a powerful LED flashlight for emergencies

Sale price: $79.97

Retail price: [DEL: $109.97 :DEL]

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LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

* The best water filter for preppers and campers!
* Eliminates 99.99% of bacteria, leaving pure drinking water
* Incredibly compact, lightweight water purifier

Sale price: $19.97

Retail price: [DEL: $24.97 :DEL]

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Emergency Solar Air Lantern

* This LED solar lantern converts solar energy into bright light!
* Its solar panel provides up to 12 hrs. of waterproof light
* The inflatable and collapsible lantern fits in all bug out bags.

Sale price: $19.97

Retail price: [DEL: $29.97 :DEL]

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Survival WaterBrick

* Excellent home water storage for preppers!
* Stackable water storage for survival pantries/camping gear
* Stores emergency water in a durable,rugged water brick

Sale price: $24.97

Retail price: [DEL: $34.97 :DEL]

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Flameless Camp Tumbler

* Cook inside a car while you're driving (make sure to prepare while
* Use it in a tent so you don't have to get up and start a fire
* Heat water in a classroom while you're learning

Sale price: $29.97

Retail price: [DEL: $39.97 :DEL]

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BioLite CampStove

Show me How it Charges USB Devices!

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It's really that simple.

Our relationships with our customers are of the utmost importance to
everyone here at Survival Frog. If for any reason at all you are not
completely satisfied with your purchase, just contact us, and we'll get
your refund started right away. We don't want any Survival Frog
customer to have any product they don't absolutely love.

There's no catch. Why? Because we firmly believe every product we offer
is worth every penny of its asking price. We treat our loyal customers
the same way we'd want to be treated and only deliver top-quality
survival gadgets and gear!

Survival Frog offers the top survival gear and emergency preparedness
supplies in the world. If you are not fully satisfied with your
purchase for any reason, just return the product within 6 months for a
full refund of your purchase price.

We take our 6-Month, "Any Reason" Refund Guarantee very seriously and
want all Survival Frog customers to be 100% satisfied. We take the risk
out of buying, so you can feel safe and confident with every Survival
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